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Laura Leal-Taixé

I'm from the lively town of Barcelona! I am currently a tenure-track professor Munich, after spending some wonderful time in Zurich, Ann Arbor and Hannover.

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Plug and play

CVPR 2015

This is the code for our joint multiple people tracking and segmentation paper. You can also find the results on the MOTChallenge benchmark under the name SegTrack.

LP2D and LP3D baselines

This code tracks multiple objects in 2D or 3D space using Linear Programming to find the global optimum of all tracks in the video. The LP2D and LP3D are baselines that can be found in the MOTChallenge benchmark.

CVPR 2012

Multi-view multi-object tracker code.

ICCVW 2011

A new version of the code has been uploaded! This the code of our multiple people tracker based on linear programming with social and grouping behavior.