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Laura Leal-Taixé

I'm from the lively town of Barcelona! I currently work in Munich as a postdoctoral researcher, after spending some wonderful time in Zurich, Ann Arbor and Hannover.

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A bit more about me

Work Experience


Research and teaching

  • I am interested in dynamic scene understanding, multiple object tracking, temporal deep learning and video analysis in general.

  • I like to code in MatLab and speed things up with some C++, though I am learning Python right now and I like it!

  • I have taught courses on tracking, network flows and organized practical courses on panorama stitching and structure-from motion. I am excited about the next practical course on Deep Learning that we are organizing!


    El català és la meva llengua materna.
    My english is hopefully awesome.
    También hablo español.
    Mi piace anche parlare italiano.
    Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch.

You can also download my full CV.